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Welcome to the Sacred Sound Institute

The use of sacred sound for spiritually-healing purposes is known the world over, from medicine songs to chanted mantra, from calls-to-prayer to Gregorian chant and Protestant hymn. In many cultures, sound is seen as a primary means of access to the divine, providing wholeness through its healing and soothing properties. The Sacred Sound Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 that acts as an advocate for the use of music and sacred sound, especially in the fields of health and wellness, patient care, and inter-religious understanding.

NEW! The Essential Sanskrit™ Series

Essential Sanskrit™ is an on-going series of CDs designed to help yoga teachers and students of all levels deepen their understanding of the sacred sounds of Sanskrit and their accurate pronunciation. It uses an English transliteration of Sanskrit words and texts, while highlighting the details of Sanskrit pronunciation. Essential Sanskrit™ is intended to give easy access to Sanskrit tools and resources, and is offered in service to the yoga community.

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